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Boxed Tomy Palitoy Air Blaster Air Powered Car Toy


If you’re of a certain age you will remember these from your childhood. You may have coveted the one someone else had. You may even have been lucky enough to have owned it yourself (yours truly wasn’t one of those people!). It’s a Tomy/Palitoy Air Blaster (also known as the Air Jammer in some regions) from the 1980s – an air-powered toy car which, when pumped up, launches away at speed and with a “roaring” sound and disappears into the distance. They were a lot of fun and still are if you have the space to let it run. This one is in excellent condition, with original box, pump and the “starting line” card.  Re-live your youth or simply have a blast with it for the first time…

Batteries not included. Batteries not required!


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