1st November 2019 By Jon Nix Off

A few (belated) updates from Anything In Particular

It’s been some time since there was an update from Anything In Particular. It’s been a busy time and it’s been an enjoyable time too. Some great items have been bought and sold and the stock is growing daily. Customers have sent some very pleasant and touching communications, particularly relating to the emotional or sentimental importance of an item or just how pleased they have been with their purchase. That’s incredibly pleasing and a joy to read.

In the last few months, the stock at Sandiacre Antiques Emporium has been updated regularly and expanded dramatically from the initial beginnings. There’s now a whole corner of Anything In Particular!

The range of items held at Sandiacre Antiques Emporium is constantly changing and whilst there is some cross-over between what is found there and here, often it is there that an item will first be made available. So, please do visit if you’re in the area (it’s just a few minutes from Junction 25 of the M1). The owner, Tyna, is a wonderful lady and you are sure to find good humour from her and things of interest there – if not from Anything In Particular then certainly from one of the other dealers…

The plan for Anything In Particular is to keep expanding the array of items, including more lighting and electricals (desk lamps and flip clocks becoming something of an obsession) whilst retaining the core ethos of antique to vintage, decorative to downright bizarre.

In other and related news, Anything In Particular is becoming a solo project in the very near future. Expect more of the same, only different, and expect not only some things in particular (desk lamps and flip clocks, anyone?!) but lots more of just about anything in particular, as long as it’s good and/or interesting.

Thank you to all past and existing customers – and to prospective ones. Your stories and your orders make a genuine difference and keep Anything In Particular busy and happy!

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