Do you have Anything…?

Unusual objects and interesting items are always welcomed to add to our inventory, so if you are selling an antique or vintage item, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Full house clearances and large furniture clearances are generally not our forte, but small-scale items and smaller pieces of furniture are very much up our street. Our street is in the East Midlands, so if you are in the area and would like us to take a look at what you’ve got, please get in touch. If you have photos of any items which you would like considered then please e-mail them to or contact us and we will let you know what we think.

The items we currently have in our inventory are a good guide to the items which would be of interest, but also the following:

  • unusual and original jewelery
  • interesting curios or household items in wood/metal (the weirder, the better!)
  • collectables of any age
  • tableware with character
  • original fabrics in good condition
  • older items which have potential for re-purposing

As a general rule, items with some age (50 years + as a rough guide) will be considered, but more modern items will be too – if they are obscure, odd, or unique or are excellent design pieces).

Some specific items currently on the Anything In Particular “watch list” are:

  • lighting (especially old torches/lamps, vintage desk lights or workshop lights).
  • old picture frames in good condition.
  • vintage toys and games in good condition and complete.
  • electronic items (clocks, clock radios, games) from the 1970s and 1980s.
  • vintage workshop storage and other workshop/crafts paraphernalia.
  • antique or vintage home hardware such as draw pulls, door handles, knockers, caster wheels, hooks, etc.
  • good quality original artwork.
  • vintage tableware such as tea trays, drinks trays, and tea towels.

If you would like someone to sensitively and carefully view your house/shed/garage items with a view to purchasing things from you – selectively and diplomatically – then we might be the people you might wish to contact before the “blokes in a van” basically clear everything in sight – en masse.  Please get in touch if that sounds like the kind of approach which appeals to you.

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