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Modernist Three Candle Triangular Holder made by Ianthe


A striking three-section candle holder / centrepiece made by Ianthe which would be very compatible with a mid-century or modern minimalist interior. The design is simple and effective, each section connecting with the next and locking into place via the discs which themselves are held in place by the candle holder which screws on.

Each arm measures approximately 15 cm (6 in) and the sections have a width of about 19cm (7¼ in), with a height of 14cm (5½ in).  The candle holders have a outer diameter of 2.5cm (1 in).  There are some minor signs of wear and tear, but nothing that detracts or is visually disturbing. According to some accounts, the piece is finished in silver plate. We aren’t so sure (there are no stamps to that effect) although that might be the case.  But silver plate or not, that doesn’t matter to us… it’s the overall look of this Ianthe candle holder which should and does appeal.


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