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Sadler “Flower Power” Jugs – fab and groovy and three of them!


We probably don’t need a description for this set of three Sadler Pottery jugs since the photos and their design title speaks volumes: “Flower Power”. They are fabulously retro and would make excellent decorative pieces for any interior harking back to the late 1960s or 1970s.

There are no chips or cracks in the jugs although there is some crazing to the glazes due to age and the spout of one of the jugs (the middle one) feels rough to the touch as if the glaze has become compromised, but these are minor defects in the face of the overall impression which these jugs leave.

The dimensions are as follows:

Small: 10cm height / 10cm diameter at maximum / 12cm spout to handle extremity..

Medium: 11.5cm height / 10cm diameter at maximum / 14cm spout to handle extremity..

Large:  13cm height / 12cm diameter at maximum / 16cm spout to handle extremity.


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