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Set of “Minibrix” – All-Rubber Construction Toy by Premo c. 1935-40s


A set of “Minibrix” which were an all-rubber construction toy dating from the mid 1930s, made by the Premo Rubber Company. The building system pre-dates Lego but enshrined some of the principles of the latter, whilst being made of rubber rather than plastic. The interlocking technique of the blocks – moulded rubber recesses and matching nodes – is accompanied by roofs which are a single hinged piece of rubber. Sloping pieces allow for the fixing of these latter items.

This is a fairly comprehensive set, but it is not known if it is complete. What is included is a good selection of over a hundred bricks in good condition, with a few having damage to their rubber but still usable, two roofs, an illustrated “instruction manual” (/catalogue) and the original box. The box itself is quite dull in colour and has some surface losses but is reasonable considering it’s likely to be over 80 years old.


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