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Sheerlite Cascade Fibre Optic Lamp from the 1970s


A slice, or rather tube, of glorious kitsch-ness from the 1970s, this is the Sheerlite “Cascade” lamp which is a twist on the fibre-optic lamps of the time. With its semi-transparent (smoked-ish) main tube and gold base, the “Cascade” lamp gives off a general glow from its body whilst the white fibre optics then cascade out from the top and provide the extra interest. There’s no colour changing or other gimmickery to the lamp – but it’s a great little lamp for those wanting a more subtle fibre optic light than is generally the norm.  It’s certainly kitsch to modern eyes, but it’s certainly on the sophisticated, glamourous side of it!

In good condition with only minor signs of wear and tear to the body and some discolouration to the inner tube. One or two slightly deformed optics are the only other things of note. The lamp is fully functioning.


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