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Tin “Save in Time” money box bucket


We can’t find out too much about this quirky little money box in the shape of a bucket, so we’ll just go with what we do know. It’s made in Germany (it has the “DGRM” mark underneath and most likely dates from the 1920s) for the foreign market (we suspect for the US) and it is constructed from thin tin. The slogan on the front is “Save In Time”, and it has a coin slot in the lid and a hatch on the bottom which is not lockable but provides access to the money stored inside. The box is about 7cm tall and the diameter of the top is 9cm. It is slightly misshapen and has a few dents and the underneath is somewhat rusty but we think that only adds to its quirky desirability.

Please note, we do not have a key for the lock so this won’t work for you if you need a fully-secure money box. But if you need that, this is probably not going to be your first option anyway!


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