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Vintage Plato Three-Dimensional Noughts and Crosses Game by Rumbold Gallery


A vintage three-dimensional noughts and crosses game called “Plato” which was made by Rumbold Gallery in the late 1960s/early 1970s. It features large (2.5cm/1 in. diameter) blue and clear acrylic balls for the noughts and crosses pieces, clear acrylic playing boards on three levels held in place by rods with plastic spacers and brass screw on ends. It’s a display piece perhaps, as it looks quite striking when simply set up with an arrangement of the coloured balls in place on a shelf or table. Alongside traditional noughts and crosses, instructions are also given for three other game variants using the same balls and three-dimensional board.

The game is complete and in good condition. The box has seen better days and is fragile as well as showing signs of age and storage. It shouldn’t be relied upon too much. The instructions are also there, but similarly showing evidence of age.

When set up the game dimensions are approximately 15cm x 15cm x 16cm (6in x 6in x 6¼in).


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