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By Jon Nix

Coffee or Side Table made from repurposed Winsor & Newton Drawing Board

A combination of a vintage Winsor & Newton A2 Drawing Board and a nicely shaped child’s table results in this somewhat industrial-looking side table or coffee table which we think breathes new life into these old pieces.

The board has been reformed so that it sits on the child’s table and the latter has been sanded down and given a rough graphite grey Rustoleum furniture paint finish.  The final piece has been given a series of wax finishes to provide a durable and stylish surface. The drawing board has characterful signs of wear and use which – now waxed – adds to the attractiveness of the table.

The table top measures 40.5cm by 58.5cm (16in by 23in) and sits at a height of 46cm (18in).

By Jon Nix

Vintage Colourful Framed Camberwick Green / Trumpton Postcards (Pair)

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb.

Iconic words to those people of a certain age.  And these iconic postcards will be enjoyed by those very same people and beyond, with their colourful stills from the BBC’s Camberwick Green television program and complementary coloured framing.  The postcards date from 1969 and were sent and franked in 1970.  We love these  and think they are charmingly nostalgic items which will appeal to young and old alike.

The glossy red frames are modern and repurposed. They allow for both standing and wall hanging, and measure 15.5cm x 20.5cm x 3.5cm (6in x 8in x 1½ in approx.)

By Jon Nix

Vintage Framed Large “The Cock” Swedish Matchbox label

For your delectation, we present a slightly unusual object: a large (14cm by 17cm / 5½ in by 6¾ in) vintage matchbox label mounted and displayed inside a repurposed striking matt black frame. The frame has a fixing for hanging via a picture nail.

We probably don’t need to say too much more than that, except to add that the size of the frame is 25.5cm by 43cm (14 in by 17 in).  If size is important to you, of course.


By Jon Nix


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