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Early 1930s “Muscles of The Body: Their Uses and Development” Poster


This poster, measuring 70cm by 50cm (27½ in by 19¾ in), was published in the early 1930s to accompany a health and fitness book. It combines anatomical diagrams with illustrations of fitness exercises and accompanying text about the muscles employed and the benefits of the exercises. It’s definitely a little bit quirky…

Although it’s seen better days – haven’t we all – it has great appeal still, partly due to its illustrations which are quite Hipster in nature and partly because of the subject matter which should find favour with gyms, fitness fanatics, or athletes. We think it would look superb in the right context and with appropriate mounting and framing.

Because it was originally an insert in a book it bears significant signs of folding, and there are some age-related marks but most of the latter are outside of the main illustrations so when mounted would be less visible. There are a couple of minor tears, also outside of the main content but it doesn’t feel fragile as a whole. Overall, there is some yellowing of the paper and other signs of wear and tear, but it probably wouldn’t be so attractive without these signs of age.


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