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Smith’s Potato Crisps Tin


This “World Famous” Smith’s Potato Crisps tin is notable for several things. First, is its age, which potentially is over 80 years since this style of tin dates from the 1930s. Secondly, the advertising “slogans” on it are very worthy of a mention.  These gems include:

“Serve CRISPS with your morning bacon, chops & steaks, fish, poultry or game, cocktails, etc.”

Sage advice we think.  And:

“No picnic basket is complete without Smith’s Potato Crisps. Always take a supply when cycling, walking, fishing, etc., etc.”

Wise words.

The tin is in good overall condition, however we should point out that the corners of the lid show some damage leading to it being a little loose in sitting on the main body and there is wear and tear consistent with its age.  It measures approximately 15.5cm (6¼ in) by 11cm (4¼ in) by 8cm (3¼ in).

Buy it for the advice alone, never mind its intrinsic appeal.


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