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Vintage Boots Motoring Torch / Warning Lamp Campervan Camper


A rather stylish Boots brand plastic motoring lamp which, with its very 70s orange and brown tones, would be the perfect complement to a VW Camper or might serve as a quirky piece of interior decor. You could – of course – simply use it as a motoring or household  lamp with a bit of extra retro appeal, though 😉

The lamp measures 16cm in length, with a height of 20cm and a maximum width of 12cm (6¼ in. by 8 in. by 4¾ in.), and is in very good condition. The outer plastic casing has some minor signs of wear, but is generally very clean and the bulb and battery compartments are both in very good, clean condition.  The lamp takes 4 “D” size batteries and has several settings: torch only, warning lamp only, or both warning lamp and torch.


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