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Funky Golden Yellow and Black EKS Kitchen Scales Made in Sweden


What can be said that the photos don’t say!? Bold design (1970s Ford Capri, anyone?), bright golden yellow, black and white colour scheme. A highly usable set of old school kitchen scales. Swedish. Made by EKS. That’s it – just look at them! These have got to be the funkiest looking kitchen scales you’ve ever seen. If not, then get in touch, because the competition is on!

The scales are in excellent working condition with very minimal signs of wear or age to the plastics. They measure approximately 20cm (8 in.) by 16cm (6¼ in.) by 15cm (6 in.) when in the “stored” position shown in the photo, and approximately 24cm (9½ in.) by 16cm (6¼ in.) by 18.5cm (7¼ in.) when in use with the tray on top of the base. There is a calibration dial on the face of the scales and the weights are displayed primarily in Kilogrammes and then secondarily in Pounds and Ounces.


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