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1950s Handpainted Colourful Stripes Flattened Oval Vase


If an object can be granted human characteristics, then this vase is cheerful and a little bit eccentric. Believed to date from the 1950s, this hand-painted vase not only has colourful stripes to bring some cheer but also a dotted pattern within the stripes and black dashed line work around them and also around the rim to accentuate the positive (sorry).  It’s a semi-shouldered vase, with a gently curving shape and a flattened oval form which descends to a circular base.  It’s possibly Italian – there is a very indistinct stamp to the base which is not legible – and that would certainly be appropriate. Everyone who has seen this vase has loved it for its quirkiness.

In good condition with no chips or cracks to the exerior, but some age discolouration to the interior, the vase stands approximately 15 cm (6 in.) high on a base with a diameter of 5cm (2 in). The oval rim of the vase measures approximately 9cm (3½ in.) by 5cm (2 in.), with the curved “shoulders” extending outwards by about 2cm (¾ in.) and 1cm (3/8 in.) at the vase’s narrowest and widest respectively.


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