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1950s Scheurich Speckled Ceramic Vase in Black, Yellow, Blue and Red


A very attractive and rare 1950s vase made by Scheurich. The exterior features a grey speckled ground, incised stripes in blue, red, and yellow, and a three-sided, slightly irregular, form which is a great example typical of the era. The interior is a contrasing white. Measuring approximately 20cm (8 in.) in height, the vase has a truncated sloping rim, and contrasting hand-decorated wavy gold lines within flat black stripes to complete the look. The makers mark is worn and not readily discernible but we have identified it as a product of Scheurich.

The vase is in very good condition with no chips or cracks – and it would make a stunning addition to a mid-century home or as a statement piece in a more modern environment.


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