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1950s Vintage “Rolinx” tambour design pencil case in green and cream plastic


A rare and unusual pencil box, made by Rolinx and of an early plastic construction, with a very clever tambour design. Pushing the roll top open reveals the top layer of the pencil box with various sections providing room for erasers and the like. Pushing the lid all the way to the end until it clicks then opens a door which reveals access to the lower layer, where pens and pencils are stored. It all works perfectly and the box is nice and secure when the lid latches in place.

Cosmetically, the box is in pretty good shape too. As an early plastic the colouring isn’t totally even throughout and there are the remnants of a sticker on the side, but otherwiis it’s good – no chips or crack, just some general signs of age and wear.  It measures approximately 21.5cm long by 10cm wide with a height of 4cm (8½ in., 4 in., and 1½ in. respectively).


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