1970s Playcraft (Mettoy) 6 in 1 Magic Puzzle Toy – Disney Scenes


A “Magic Puzzle” made by Mettoy under the Playcraft brand which has 6 puzzle images from Walt Disney which are created by “rolling” different sections either horizontally or vertically so that they are arranged correctly. There are four rollable sections on each side making up a puzzle of 16 “pieces”. The puzzle is dated 1974 and the six pictures are scenes from Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, Beauty and The Beast, and The Jungle Book.

Measuring approximately 23 cm (9 in.) square, the puzzle is in good condition considering its undoubted use. There is some wear to the card elements and a little curling to the rolling sections but nothing which affects use or impacts too much visually. The red plastic frame has retained most of its colour, unlike many of the time which have become a rather mottled pink.

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