1970s TAT T-21 Flip-Over Moonbase Central Space Buggy Rover Toy


Back when the world was more than a little bit “space mad” this was the kind of toy made available to the masses. Made by TAT in Hong Kong, it was sold as the Moonbase Central Flip-Over Car, and is a moon rover or space buggy powered by batteries which does indeed climb and roll-over when it meets an obstacle, so it can continue its journey. The chunky rubber tyres mean it will grip to an almost vertical surface before the metal bar on top provides the flipping action to send the car on its way again.

It measures approximately 18cm in length and is in working condition. It’s missing a sticker which should read “T-21” on the front of the car and there are some losses to the plastics of the antenna / dish on top but otherwise it’s in pretty good shape considering it’s rough and tumble life.

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