1980s Bright Blue Plastic “Dairylea” Lunch Box


It might seem somewhat churlish to ask someone to pay for something that originally was free, but there you go! This was a free lunchbox, part of a promotion for Kraft Dairylea. Presumably one had to buy (and presumably eat) a certain quantity of the aforementioned cheese triangles in order to qualify, so there really is no such thing as a free lunch(box). In any event, we reckon it dates from the 1980s and is a rather a nice thing – the branding is unmistakeable to those of a certain age and diet.

It’s a 19cm by 9cm by 14cm (8 in. by 3½ in. by 5½ in. approx.) chunk of bright blue plastic (not including the handle) with a slightly worn “Dairylea” sticker on the outside and a sticker for the promotion on the inside of the lid. It looks like it’s never been used. It should be, at least for something…

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