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1980s Fisher-Price Brown Battery Powered Cassette Player and Recorder Model 826


Immediately recognisable to those of us of a certain age, this is a Fisher-Price portable cassette player and recorder, more boringly known as the Model 826. It’s a battery-powered slice of two-tone brown plastic which dates from the 1980s (copyright 1980). It’s a simple affair but that was part of its appeal and also why they became so popular to youngsters. It’s a one-touch recorder via microphone or input and a player through its rather limited speaker. But what would you expect.

This one is in good cosmetic condition and seems to work correctly – it does require a good quality set of batteries, however. There are no chips or cracks to the plastics and all of the buttons are responsive and work as they should. Don’t expect jaw-dropping audio, but do expect to be charmed by this relic of a particular time when this was indeed the thing to have…


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