1980s Multi-Coloured Westclox Plastic Quartz Wall Clock


You’ll probably either love this or hate it, but if you were a teenager (or slightly younger) in the 1980s then you might very well have had one of these on your bedroom wall. It has all that you’d expect from something of that era – bold primary colours, seemingly random shapes and geometric leanings. Think of the United Colours of Benetton, for example, and you’re there. This is a Westclox quartz wall clock which was made in Britain and is primarily an ode to plastic and colour.

It is in full working order – requiring a single “AA” battery to run – and the plastics are all intact. It’s likely that the “body” of the clcok was a more vibrant yellow originally. It has turned into a rather pale yellow colour with age. It doesn’t seem to have been due to sun exposure (i.e. a yellowed white), as the entire body (external and internal) has faded consistently and evenly. There are some minor scratches and grazing to the outside of the body, but the clear face cover is in good shape with only very superficial scratches.

The clock measures 21 cm (8¼ in.) in diameter, the face has a diameter of around 16 cm (6¼ in.), and the clock has an overall depth of just over 4 cm (1¾ in.)

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