1980s Vintage Questar Television / Digital Clock Radio TV905CR


Quite a big slice of 1980s plastic, this is the Questar TV905CR which is a combined television and digital clock radio for the bedside (presumably, but not compulsory). It’s a cream affair with some suitably 1980s colours – red LED digits, black fascia plate, grey buttons, and pale yellow and green details. There’s no carry handle, so presumably it was not intended to be truly portable. Amongst its capabilities is a two-band AM/FM radio with a good aerial, a digital clock with alarm with snooze function, and a black and white TV (with external RF input meaning it should work with a RF modulator / set-top box such as Freeview). A label on the back of the unit provides us with a date, 1988.

In good cosmetic condition and working. The plastic housing is slightly cream in tone, whilst it might have been brilliant white originally, but it looks fine as it’s an even tone. Otherwise, there are no chips or cracks to the plastics and no missing knobs, buttons or sliders. The unit can powered via mains or AC adapator and a 9V battery safeguards the clock in the event of power disruption.

The unit measures approximately 23cm across the front, about 12cm high, with a depth of 18cm.

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