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1987 Tomy Spinjas with blue battle arena and two launchers and figures


If you’re of a certain age then you might remember these, a short-lived craze in the late 1980s. These are, depending on your memory of them, either Tomy Spinjas or Parker Bros. Battlers. Released in 1987 the toy was based around the concept of battling figures – Eliminators vs. Dread Force (Good vs. Evil!) – which were set spinning against each other inside an arena. The winner was the spinner left standing. The battle arena (aka “Battle Stadium”) was also the carry case for the figures and their launchers (aka “Power Winders”).  Think of it as a pre-cursor to the contemporary beyblades and you’re not far from the mark. But, as is often the case “original and best”!

This one is complete with two Spinja/Battler figures (one from each side) and their associated launchers and comes with the original soft inlay inside the case. Both the figures and their launchers are fully functional. The Battle Stadium is the blue variant and shows some wear and tear – most notably and understandably on the “hinge” – but is fully functional.  No box or other materials are included, only the items pictured.


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