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Battery Powered Square Hanson Wall or Kitchen Clock in Brown Tones


With its brown colour scheme and retro font, we think it’s safe to assume that this square plastic kitchen wall clock by Hanson dates from the era of avocado green bathroom suites, the Austin Allegro, and flowery wallpaper – the 1970s. The clock is almost exclusively brown – chocolate brown square casing, a lighter brown face and digits, and dark brown hands and certainly would have blended in nicely with kitchens of the time. We think it has life left in it, either as a kitchen clock or shelf standing clock, and it is in full working order.

Cosmetically there are some superficial scratches to the case and cover as one might expect, but no chips or cracks. There is some discoloration to the lower section on the inside of the clock due to the clear cover being removed and stressing the plastics, but this is unlikely to be visible in normal use and almost certainly not if wall mounted. The clock takes a single “C” size battery and is almost entirely quiet. There is no sweep or second hand, but rather the minute hand continuously moves around the face in a gentle fashion as the seconds pass.  The clock is 20cm (8 in.) square approximately with a depth of 4cm (1.5 in.)


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