Brutalist Gooseneck Lamp in Dark Brown by Gebruder Cosack


A highly unusual gooseneck lamp made by the German company of Gebruder Cosack. It’s unusual in several ways. First, the gooseneck is not the normal slender kind that makes the shade the emphasis of the design, it’s quite the opposite here. The gooseneck is definitely the attention-grabber here with its wide, black rubber sleeve. Second, the lamp clamps – either horizontally or vertically – with a sturdy slot to hold it in place. Third, nothing about this lamp is subtle – it’s brutalist in its design. The clamp, the tightening knob, the switch… it’s all just… brutally functional, and aesthetically very different. It would seem to date from the 1970s – the company itself ceased to exist in 1984.

This incredibly different lamp is in good, used condition and in fully working order. There are marks of wear and tear and some minor surface losses to the shade, but no major dents or dings at all. The rubber sleeve on the neck is in good shape. The clamp/base section has a few scratches but is in good shape.

The lamp – measured from base to shade at full neck extent- is approximately 66cm (26 in.) in length. The neck itself is 48cm (19 in.) long. The shade has an opening diameter of 11cm (4¼ in.) and is a semi-globe shape.  The slot has a depth of 6cm (2¼ in.) and a width of 3cm (1¼ in.).

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