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Classic 80s Red Clamp Fitting Gooseneck Desk or Shelf Lamp by Ring Lighting


A classic design of the 1980s and de rigeur for your red, black and grey bedroom back in the day! A Ring Lighting clamp-fitting spotlight lamp suitable for mounting to your desk or to a shelf and shining on your collection of tapes, your boombox,… you get the idea 😉

In bright red with black clamp and cabling it’s a great-looking lamp in good condition. A few minor grazes to the metal shade around the rim and a couple of weaknesses to the red plastic tubing which covers the gooseneck but otherwise in good shape. At full extent the gooseneck measures approximately 36 cm (14 in.) and the main part of the shade measures approximately 12cm (4¾ in.) in diameter with a depth of 7cm (2¾ in.)  The bulb holder takes a small screw style bulb.



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