Colourful Verrerie Cristallerie D’Arques Service Liqueur Decanter and Glasses Set


Quite a funky way of having a little tipple, this French glasses and decanter set made by Verrerie Cristallerie D’Arques features an abstract circles pattern across the pieces, with a bright yellow decanter and six matching small glasses in red, light blue, and turquoise (two of each colour).  Dating from the late 1960s the set is in good condition and with its original box (though we suspect that it should have a lid which unfortunately is missing). All in all, this is a very colourful and snazzy drinking set for your next barbecue, party, or other event, or simply “at home” when you fancy something a little special served with something special to match.

The glasses measure 5cm (2 in.) in height and the decanter is approximately 18cm (7 in.) in height, including the stopper.

The glasses and decanter are in good condition with only very minor signs of wear – no chips or cracks. The box does have some wear and tear – as is to be expected – to edges and corners, and some surface loss where tape has been applied.

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