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Converted Vintage Victory Puzzle Clock (1960s)


This 1960s Victory Puzzle Clock was originally a time teacher and jigsaw combined. It is made of plywood with colourful images on the front, the outer ring illustrating  the four seasons and the inner ring depicting activities from childhood during the day, ranging from breakfast to bedtime stories, mostly school-related.

This item originally had some significant wear to the middle, where a smiling sun face illustration is found – notably there is also a hole in the same area, just to the left and above the hole intended for the hands. We have replaced the original movable hands with a new fully working clock mechanism powered by an AA battery to convert the puzzle into an actual clock. We have glued the pieces of the jigsaw in place and also used a clear matt Rust-o-leum top coat finish to protect the face from further damage or wear.

The clock measures 22.5cm by 23.5 cm (8¾in by 9¼in).  The depth of the clock is 1cm (½ in) not including the mechanism/battery compartment, which protrudes by a similar amount at the back.  No fixings are provided, as we expect this item to be shelf-standing but your own fixings could be easily added.


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