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Deep carved Wooden Plaque depicting a Forest Scene with Stag and Deer


A superb piece for decoration, this deeply carved wooden plaque depicts a forest scene with stag and deer.  We particularly like the detail and high relief of the overhanging branches!  We’re not absolutely sure of the origins of this piece nor how old it is, but stylistically it would seem to be older rather than newer.  It is hand carved and the rear shows signs of wear and tear consistent for an item of some age. The wood itself is relatively light in weight.

Perhaps you like it just for what it is – we certainly did, and we’ve not seen another one like it.

The plaque measures approximately 35cm (13¾in) by 27cm (10¾in)  by 1.7cm (¾in). The inner “frame” has a width of about 7mm (¼in.). The rear has a small slot for hanging.


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