Gadgets and Diversions Magazines (11 issues – 1950) – very quirky!


A highly entertaining and interesting collection of “Gadgets And Diversions” magazines covering the year 1950 (11 issues, 10 single issues and 1 double issue). These small magazines printed with two colour covers and black and white interiors were printed on paper and contain a myriad of weird and wonderful household ideas and tips for things to make and do. Produced by the Savings Bank, the contents include such gems as making a wooden Howitzer gun, how to read in utter darkness, making your own foot-operated grinder, and how to re-shape your soft hat in two minutes, and much, much, more. The collection is a real treasure-trove of quirky and sometimes archaic ideas and very amusing when seen from the modern perspective.

The magazines are mostly in very good condition considering their age and origina. There are some small water marks on the back covers of several issues and some rusting to the staples in the spines, but there is very little other wear and tear aside from this. Although they were clearly printed quite cheaply at the time, they have stood up well. This is a good opportunity to purchase an entire volume (3) for display purposes or just for fun.

Each magazine has a paper cover and measures 18.5cm x 12cm (7¼ in. x 4¾ in.) and contains 32 pages of content with some advertising.

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