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“Gaybox” wall fitment wooden shelves


Do It Yourself.

It’s easy.

You’ll be delighted.

Not our words, of course. From the box of this modular shelving unit which – as you might have already surmised – is VERY much of its time (1950s/1960s) and is a rather amusing and interesting insight into the World As It Used To Be. It is basically a shelving unit which is self-assembled and can be used for storing knick-knacks or other small items, although we think it’s quite nice just as it is. Perhaps even just left in its box!

Our offering comes with instructions, though you’ll instantly see that the box has lost its ends. It happens to the best of us!  The box is 24cm by 8cm by 5.5cm and the shelves when assembled are approximately 30cm by 30cm.


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