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H.M. Govt. Laboratory Lamp made by Chas. Hearson & Co. Ltd.


This quirky looking light was made by Chas. Hearson & Co. Ltd. as a laboratory lamp and with its base stamped “HM GOVT” it would be safe to assume that it was used in government laboratories at some point in its life. The lamp is a simple metal box which houses a bulb holder behind a glass plate, with a movable “hood” to vary the illumination level. The hood also features a plate with the maker’s name on it.

We have given the lamp a clean and laquered it to retain its aged condition. There are patches of the original paint which have worn away, particularly in the areas subject to handling.  We think this wear, alongside its functional design, is part of its appeal.

The lamp measures 19cm high, with a base measuring 10.5cm square, and a top measuring 8cm square. The glass window slides out to enable access to the bulb holder, which is of the bayonet type. and there is approximately 1.5 metre of cord.


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