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Heavy Vintage Rounded Square Glass Bowl with Smoked Mustard-Orange Gradient


Weighing in at almost 900g this rounded square bowl is a solidly sculpted piece of glass and certainly an eye-catching piece, possibly from Murano, but this cannot be confirmed with absolute certainty. With its very thick rounded rim in clear glass and its graduated colour which appears almost solid at the base, it interacts with light in very interesting ways. From some angles there’s a mustard-like tone to the colour, from other angles it’s more of a deep orange-brown, and then again, dark brown hues almost a black tone, takes precedent in the refracted colours. Measuring approximately 18cm (7 in.) square at the rim, and approximately 7.5 cm (3 in.) in height, it makes much more of a statement than its dimensions suggest.

The bowl is in generally good condition. There are some minor grazes and surface scratches throughout but no chips or cracks and there’s nothing that immediately catches the eye in a detrimental way. A little stunner, albeit a chunky one!


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