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Industrial Look Metal Bathroom Cabinet by GENYK


This small metal cabinet (30cm x 25cm x 11 cm / 12in x 10in x 4.5in) with a mirrored door, was presumably originally intended for use in a bathroom or work washroom, and was made in Britain by “Genyk” (stamped inside the door) sometime in the 1940s or 1950s. Ours is stripped back to reveal the metal and also lightly waxed for an unabashed industrial look.

The cabinet has two inner shelves of different heights for storage and has two holes in the back for wall mounting. The mirror is in good condition bar a few scratches and is quite heavy in the door, so this cabinet probably isn't stable enough for free standing unless you intend to weight it down. The interior has been cleaned and re-painted to provide a hammered silver look which is complementary to the exterior and to the exposed welds. The door handle is not original – we have added a new one which we think is sympathetic to the no-nonsense look of the cabinet, but it would be a simple task to replace with your choice of hardware. The original toothbrush holder is missing from the inside of the door, a minor fault when compared to the aesthetic appeal of this cabinet. And the surface patina of dings, scratches and scrapes only add to that, we think.


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