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Ingap Children’s Orange Intercom Toy Telephones Made In Italy


It’s for you-hoo!  Made in Italy, these are a pair of INGAP toy telephones in a pleasing orange colour with suitably retro faux rotary dials (with French language text on them), audible ring and light-up indicators. They are effectively an intercom system – once connected (wired), each phone can “call” the other by lifting the handset and pressing the dial button. The other phone emits a “ringing” sound and its light goes on to indicate an incoming “call”. As it stands, that’s as much functionality as these currently perform, but it’s enough to be entertaining. There should, it seems, be voice-over-wire functionality as well, but it doesn’t work. It may be a loose connection or similar problem, but these are sold “as is” with decorative appeal as much as the their limited functionality in mind.

They’re quirky and colourful and perhaps the “pager” functionality will appeal to someone!

Each ‘phone takes a 4.5V 3r12 flat battery (not supplied due to postage restrictions)


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