Intercept – Electronic Search and Destroy Game by Lakeside 1978


This is “Intercept” by Lakeside which dates from 1978. It’s an electronic game for two players played on a tabletop board resembling a gridded map. One player takes the role of fighter pilot (attack) and the other takes the role of missile commander (defence). The aim of the game is for the pilot to avoid detection and make it across the grid to the target and destroy it, and for the defence commander to obviously seek out and destroy the fighter before that happens. If you can imagine it, it’s a little bit like an evolving game of computer battleship.  It’s part mechanical, part electronic and is a noisy game… and also engaging once you get the hang of it and the strategy.

It’s uncommon to find this electronic game in working and complete condition, including the original instruction manual and all the playing pieces, but here is one. It takes one 9V battery and the battery compartment is nice and clean. Otherwise, very little cosmetic signs of age and wear. The box does have some signs of both, but it’s in good shape considering its age.

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