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J. Palmer & Son’s Vesuvians (Cigar Lighters) Box


This old box of Palmer’s Vesuvians no longer has its contents but is a very nice collectable. The “Vesuvian” was a patent match which burned with a sputtering flame and which was a favourite with cigar smokers. This kind of light was also called a “fuzee” (which gives you some idea how it worked, as does the illustration on the side of the box!).  One part of the box is coming away and we’ve deliberately not repaired this.  The date of this box is difficult to determine, but we know that Palmer & Sons were making wax vesta and anti-sulphurous matches and cigar lights from the 1880s onwards at their site on Old Ford Road, London.

The box measures approximately 6.5cm by 3.5cm by 2cm (2½in by 1½in by ¾in) and is in fair condition consistent with age but is relatively sturdy still.


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