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Large Handmade Female Puppet Indian Rajasthani


A very large (56cm / 22 in. from head to hem of costume) handmade costumed puppet in the traditional style of Rajasthan, India. This one in particular is a female character seemingly a dancer, superbly rendered in wood and paint with a colourful costume of predominantly black, red and yellow.  She has all the hallmarks of a dancing figure – with hands position, the jewelry and headdress being key. The details are very difficult to capture – in particular the carving and painting of the headdress is very impressive indeed.  It is held by way of a central wooden rod and  controllable via wires connected to the arms rather than being a kathputli or stringed puppet.

Overall in good condition, but it is obviously of some age and has been much used – there is obvious wear and tear to parts of the head in particular and she is missing a “pom-pom” earring one side (the wire is there but the red wool is not – easily remedied we feel). She is, however, a striking item and might interest someone with a love for puppetry, a passion for India, or just wants something very different in their home.



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