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Large Statement Piece Red Orange and White Italian Glass Vase


A stunning red, orange and white glass vase in heavy glass, this is most likely from the workshops of Murano, the Venetian glass makers responsible for many mid-century classics. It dates from the early 1970s and – due to its size and weight – is very much a statement piece. The vase measures approximately 28cm (11 in.) in height with a rim diameter of 6cm (2½ in.) and a similar base diameter. The interior of the vase is white glass whilst the exterior is composed of a swirling effect with red, white and orange colours (any resemblance to the planet Jupiter almost certainly deliberate!), with proportions which emphasise the upper section of the vase and the rim.

In very good condition with no chips or cracks, the vase has a few minor imperfections some of which are undoubtledly originating from the manufacturing process. A rare piece which is sure to attract attention.


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