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Late 1960s/early 1970s Floral Metal Drinks Tray (attributed to Pat Albeck)


Attributed to Pat Albeck and made by Worcester Ware, these colourful round drinks trays have a bright orange-red ground with abstracted floral design in yellow, blue and green. These were originally sold through Tesco which helps us to date them firmly to 1969-71:  the price label underneath each tray has a pre-decimalisation and post-decimalisation cost indicating their age almost precisely, most likely to 1970 or early 1971 (after that date the post-decimalisation cost appeared before the “old money” price.)

The trays are in used vintage condition, but are generally very good. Expect some wear and tear (minor dints and scrapes and the odd patch of rust which varies from tray to tray) but also expect to be thrown back to 1970 with some force by their vivid design and styling, whether you use them for their intended purpose or indeed just for decoration!

The trays have a diameter of 30cm (12 in.) and a depth of 3cm (1¼ in.)


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