Lloyd Lamp High Intensity NA101 Made in Japan (Black) Nanbu

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Designed in 1966, the Lloyd NA-101 High Intensity lamp truly belies its small dimensions and minimalistic exterior. Superbly engineered and housed in a glossy black plastic casing, the NA-101 lamp has two light modes and the clever design allows for it to function not only as a small but highly adjustable desk lamp but also as a small nightlight.  With the light mode set to “low” and the shade positioned onto the top of the base, the lamp is a sleek bullet-shaped light providing soft illumination. With the arms extended, the transparent rim of the shade becomes a feature in itself, whether in “low” or “high” modes. The shade is rotatable providing even more flexibility.

A stand which otherwise sits snugly inside the base can be extended out to provide extra stability. Overall, this is a stunning piece of design: form and function working in harmony.  When folded into its bullet shape, the lamp measures no more than 8cm x 19cm and fully extended measures approximately 41cm.

This particular example is in very good condition. There are minor surface scratches and marks to the plastic casing, which would be expected of a used item of this age. The metal armatures are good with only very superficial blemishes. Neither of these is very noticeable and we would state that is one of the better examples you might come across.  Small, but perfectly formed!

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