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Multicoloured Abstract Olive Green Vase Form 8013 by Fratelli Fanciullacci


A striking little vase from the Italian makers Fratelli Fanciullacci and dating from the 1950s-60s. The vase has an almost double-gourd shape and an olive green ground, upon which abstract white lines and dots of various colours (yellow, blue, red, black, green, white) have been handpainted. The patterns are glossy and raised up from the matte ground. It’s typical of Fanciullacci vases of the period in many ways, though less textured than many of their designs.

This one is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks and you’d be pressed to find even a superficial graze on it. The vase is signed in the Fanciullacci method (“ITALY”) on the base along with the form number 8013.  The vase measures approximately 15cm (6 in.) in height with a base diameter of 5.5cm (2¼ in.) and a diameter of 10cm (4 in.) at its widest part.


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