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Orange Standard Electric Kirk “Digitel 2000” (DK8700) Telephone designed by Jacob Jensen


More famous, undoubtedly, for his work with Bang & Olufsen, this is the “Digitel 2000” telephone which Jacob Jensen designed in the 1970s for Kirk AS of Horsens, Denmark. More specifically this model is the DK8700, a slightly later version which nevertheless retains the styling of the original, the most notable features of which are the curved sloping body and mirrored handset shape, its two-tone colour scheme, and very ergonomic design. It doesn’t just look great, however. There are some innovative and interesting features contained within that sleek exterior: a handset-based volume control, a hands-free speaker and microphone option set in action by a sensor in the handset, and even the choice of one of four ringtones. Also of note, are the lettered buttons (“A” to “D”) which were intended to serve functionally as option/menu selectors, but ultimately these were never truly implemented in telephone systems.

This particular model, supplied to BT in the UK, dates from the 1980s and is a vivid orange colour with contrasting grey tone. It’s in good shape with original labelling identifying its use at the Port of Dover. It’s a great display piece, of course, but this one seems to be fully working as well – tested on a landline a dial tone is present and it appears to work as intended. Cosmetically it’s very good bar a very small loss of plastic to the bottom right hand corner, but it’s not noticeable in ordinary use.  There are, as to be expected, signs of use throughout but only superficial ones.


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