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Promotional Cadbury Chocolate Block Clock


For the chocolate lover or Cadbury fan in your life or for yourself, it’s always chocolate time with this clock! 😉

A big chunk of chocolate-coloured plastic with gold-coloured hands and face design incorporating the familiar Cadbury logo, that’s the basic description over and done with! Believed to be a promotional item, the clock is fully working and in good condition with just some minor superficial wear and tear, the most notable of which is a ding to the edge just above the indicator for 3 o’clock on the clock face and some minor wear to the “Cadbury” text. The clock runs on a single “AA” battery and measures approximately 20cm (8 in.) square with a depth of approximately 6.5cm (2½ in.) not including the hands. Please note: the clock movement has an audible tick but not a disturbingly loud one.


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