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Rare Concord Rotaflex Super Mini Wall- or Ceiling-Mounted or Freestanding Desk Lamp


A rare and unusual lamp – the Super Mini – made by Concord / Rotaflex, which has a few distinctive features which make it stand out from the crowd. First, is a plastic shade which is half ball-shape but planed off on two sides. Second, is the very straight and slender armature. Third, and most unusual of all, is the cube base which freely rotates within a mount (the cube also houses an internal transformer, incidentally). This means that the Super Mini can be used on a bedside table or a desk, can be mounted to the wall, or can even be attached to the ceiling. This was its selling point at the time – the flexibility of that mounting fixture when combined with the base.We believe that this lamp dates from the 1970s.

The lamp measures approximately 40cm in height. with the base being approximately 8cm by 9cm.
This one is in good working condition with a caveat. The plastic fixture which attaches the shade to the armature has been re-glued. It feels sound and works as it should, but it should be pointed out that there has been a repair. Ultimately perhaps a new plastic part might be needed. Otherwise, there are minor superficial grazes to the plastics as to be expected from an item of this age and use.


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