Rare Midwinter “Sorrento” pattern dinner plates designed by Nigel Wilde 1962


One of the least well known patterns – and certainly one of the hardest to find – in the Midwinter “Fine” tableware range. This is the “Sorrento” pattern by Nigel Wilde which dates the plates to a short-lived period after 1962. The plates are in a Marquis of Queensberry shape, a broad-rimmed and low profile dinner plate with slightly scooped interior. Elegant and unfussy, they measure approximately 27cm (10½ in.) in diameter with a base diameter of 12.5cm (5 in.).

These are listed individually, but offers for part or all of the set of 6 are also invited. The plates are in generally good condition. Most have very little sign of wear and tear, though it should be noted that a couple of the plates do have some slight nibbles, glaze imperfections, or minor loss to edges, but nothing that detracts from normal use or is apparent without close inspection. In the case of single or partial purchases, then the best of the plates will be fulfilled on a first-come-first-served basis.

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