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Repousse Brass Bevelled Mirror in a hexagonal surround


This fabulously shaped brass repousse surrounded bevel mirror has considerable vintage appeal as well as being highly functional. It would add a hefty dose of glamour despite its relatively small size. The irregular hexagon shape contains several different panels featuring flower and leaf patterns in high relief and textured triangular sections. The mirror itself is clean and clear with a subtle bevel. The bevel is just about the only subtle thing about this piece!

The mirror is wood backed with an imprint “Made In England” which is slightly surprising as these repousse styles were commonly European. The back has one fairly large scratch but this obviously doesn’t affect the use of it.

The surround has signs of use and wear, as one would expect, but these don’t detract from the overall appearance in any way. At some point the wall fixings were removed, leaving two small holes in the surround but these are hard to spot – probably because your eyes are dazzled by the thing!  The mirror measures 13cm by 18cm (5 in by 7 in) and the surround measures 36cm by 29cm (14 in by 11¼ in).


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