Small Gold Coloured Vintage Articulated Desk Lamp


An unusual and diminutive vintage desk lamp in gold finish with chromed fittings. The most notable features of this lamp are the Anglepoise-style shade design (basically the shade looks very much like a smaller version of the 1227 Anglepoise shade), the curved armatures which are connected to each other and to the shade fitting by no less than four ball and socket joints, and the large ball and socket joint which attaches the arm to the base, allowing for more positioning freedom. It all makes for flexibility of adjustment in a very small package.  A white push button to the base switches the lamp on and off.

There are signs of age and wear throughout, but the overall condition is very good. Expect some surface losses to the chrome and some minor scrapes and dings to it, however.

The lamp measures approximately 46cm (18 in.)  in height at its fullest extent, with a base diameter of 13cm (5 in.) and a base height of 2cm (¾ in.). The wiring has been renewed, but as with all electrical items an inspection and safety test (PAT in the UK) is recommended. The lamp currently has a complementary gold-coloured cable the length of which is approximately 150cm (59 in.)

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