Stylish 1980s LIVAL “Wing” Anglepoise-style Lamp


Imagine what would happen if an early era IBM Thinkpad laptop bred with an Anglepoise lamp… No, really, imagine it just for a moment. We think the resulting offspring might look something like this!

Made in Finland by the LIVAL company, this large anglepoise-style desklamp in black metal and plastic has a distinctive rectangular wing profile shade which can be adjusted and set at an angle. The shade itself is 26cm x 12 cm. The heavily weighted base keeps the whole thing stable, removes the need for a clamp, and also contains small trays for storage. The trademark-style LIVAL red button for on/off operation is cleverly embedded into the shade and the power wire hidden inside the armature. The light extends to a height of 72cm and the whole can be rotated through 90 degrees giving oodles of flexibility when it comes to use (see photos for just a few examples).

The lamp is in very good condition with only some minor wear to the metal work which is to be expected, but quite frankly nothing could detract from THESE looks. Dating from the 1980s and visually quite stunning, one of us (Jon!) will shed a little tear to part with this!

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